Need a fresh start in 2021? 5 tips to start the new year right

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2020, the year the world stood still, and we all stood together! It was 12 months that none of us could have anticipated, and there was a collective sigh of relief across our country as it drew to a close. With the start of 2021, an upbeat approach to whatever may come will set us all up to carve a different, more upbeat and successful course for the year.

Claire Bowen, brand manager at deodorant brand Shower to Shower says that it’s up to brands, businesses and individuals to set the tone in a positive manner, with the start of the new year. “South African’s have always been incredible at remaining positive and forging forward despite the challenges that face us in daily life. We’re better equipped to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off than any other nation in the world.”

Here are a few tips to start the year right:

1.         Reduce screen time

Consume less news, less memes, fewer bad news stories. Allow yourself the chance to switch off from the constant barrage of news and updates. Allow your mind to heal from the anxiety of all that has happened. Start the year with a time limit on your online time – consume no more than your psyche can deal with.

2.         Consume more good

The old adage of getting your nutrition right in the new year has never been more relevant. Keeping your body healthy from the inside out is vital for staving off viruses as well as keeping a clear mind and managing stress. Keep a food diary and concentrate on feeding your body with all kinds of goodness. Find sites and influencers that spread good – good news, healthy tips and a positive outlook.

3.         Mix it up

Enjoy yoga? Take up pilates. Enjoy running? Focus on strengthening your core. Enjoy cross-fit? Try a martial art. It’s time to mix your exercise routine up. Don’t let your body stagnate with your regular endorphin fix. Challenge yourself to picking up one new ‘wellness’ activity – whether it be hot yoga, rock-climbing or open water swimming.

4.         Bring the happy

It’s up to each of us to spread positivity. So often we’re caught in a loop of complaints – whether it be about work, the weather, our kids or the ever-present fear of COVID. Take control of your outward ‘vibes’ and choose happy. Even your fragrance can impact your mood! Wear something light and fresh like Happy Days deodorant from Shower to Shower.  Help others choose the happy too.

5.         Throw the pressure out the window

All the cliches in the world won’t help you to achieve your goals in 2021, so throw the self-induced pressure out the window. Opt for small things that make you happy. Make decisions based purely on your wellness and health. If you achieve nothing but 31 happy days in January, then you’ve done well. Now’s the time to back you. It’s time for a fresh start, in spite of what’s happening around you!

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