BABOR MEN – upgraded with the first AMPOULE made for MEN’s skin!

All products are based on the powerful TAUREC complex derived from Siberian ginseng, taurine, and the cell boost factor. Siberian ginseng increases stress resistance. The stimulant taurine makes the cell membrane fit to improve moisture absorption. Cell boost factor consists of proteins from white lupines and green algae. The name says it all: together they activate the skin cells and thus skin regeneration. BABOR MEN does not contain any silicones, parabens, PEGs, mineral oils, or dyes.

Finally, there is a BABOR ampoule specifically designed for men’s skin! BABOR ampoules are unisex and are always effective – without a doubt. This one, however, is specially designed for the unique needs of male skin, which is thicker, slightly oilier and features better cross-linking of the collagen fibres.

The good news: it will help men develop wrinkles later. The bad news: the ageing process starts before the first lines become visible, and shaving poses an additional daily challenge for the skin. The ampoule is embedded in an upgrade of the BABOR Men skincare line that focuses on pure energy. This line is straightforward and effective.

Need for Speed – Instant Energy Ampoules

Besides the TAUREC complex, the ampoule contains caffeine for an immediate energy boost. Vitamin C and provitamin B5 make the skin look refreshed and healthy. The powerful skincare bonus: triple strength hyaluronic acid provides moisture with maximum effect.

Calming After Shave Serum

A menthol derivative exerts a pleasant cooling effect after shaving. The magnolia bark extract supports skin regeneration after shaving and soothes irritations. The TAUREC complex provides new energy.

Energizing Face and Eye Gel

Performance non-stop. These products contain pure energy. One application, double care – the lightweight gel-cream is as comfortable as a limousine but looks as racy as a sports car. It simultaneously nourishes the face and area around the eyes. Silicon activates the skin functions and exerts an anti-wrinkle effect.

Phyto proteins from rice and soya reduce dark circles, while an African oil palm tree bark extract, the yellow moambe, mattifies and reduces pores. The TAUREC complex provides ultimate energy.

Calming Face and Eye Cream

The lightweight cream simultaneously nourishes the face and area around the eyes. A magnolia bark extract soothes and de-stresses sensitive skin, making it less sensitive in the long term. Phyto proteins from rice and soya reduce dark circles and puffiness, while the TAUREC complex provides the necessary energy boost. Matchmaker: Hemp oil nourishes the skin like a soft kiss.

Travel Set

BABOR MEN Travel Collection:

  • Energizing hair & body shampoo 50ml.
  • Energizing face & eye gel 15ml.
  • Calming face & eye cream 15ml.
  • Calming aftershave serum 10ml.

Energizing Hair and Body Shampoo

Extremely practical, this refreshing 2-in-1 product cleans without drying out the skin. In contrast, the TAUREC complex moisturises and vitalises, while a saccharide complex soothes the scalp and nourishes the hair. Caffeine energises skin and hair.

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