Summer fashion tips courtesy of the world’s fashion capitals

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When you think of trend-setting fashion, apart from our own iconic Mzansi style, the mind often wanders to the world’s fashion capitals, namely Paris, London and New York.  All three Northern hemisphere cities embody the effortless glamour that most of us strive for in our day-to-day fashion choices.

The three fashion capitals were also the inspiration for the Playgirl deodorant VIP range, namely VIP Paris Glitz, VIP London Glam and VIP New York Nights. 

The brand offers inspiration from these three capitals to bring you a few summer fashion tips:

First up is Paris, the city of romance. French style is simple and chic. It’s all about the basics and it’s never overdone. It’s as effortless as one statement piece, like a gorgeous scarf, a hat or a designer pair of shoes. Our first style tip comes from Paris, and it is clean and effortless. This summer, a white pair of slimline white sneakers is where it’s at. Pair it with a summer jumpsuit or a layered dress for a super stylish and memorable look.

Now, it wouldn’t be France if not for one striped suggestion. Summer 2020/2021 sees the stripe move back into pole position. The nautical look is a classic style that is easily paired with a variety of fabrics, tones and textures. Opt for a classical boat neck and three-quarter sleeve and you’re set for a simply dreamy summer look.

Match these looks with Playgirl VIP Paris Glitz which has almond and bergamot top notes and promises an enduring scent for a day out and about.

Moving across the channel to London, it’s not surprising that our fashion tip takes heritage into account. Take a moment this season to explore that vintage clothing shop or market stall the next time you wonder past – you might just be surprised to find your next statement fashion piece. Whether it’s a pair of soft leather sandals or a floral swing dress, take the time to sift through past treasures.  Imagine the story that item holds – it might just be your next party conversation starter.

Top off that London look with Playgirl VIP London Glam which is underpinned by sandalwood and cream vanilla, making it gourmand in nature. This fragrance promises a playful, attractive scent all day or evening long.

And finally, crossing a bigger ocean to New York – this fashion tip is all about the accessories. 2020 wasn’t an easy year, so you’re going to need all the joy that one outfit can bring you. Jazz it up with oversized, brightly coloured earrings or a statement broach. An accessory with swagger can take a boring outfit to one that knocks it out of the park. Don’t be shy.

Finish off this look with the addition of Playgirl VIP New York Nights, this bold fragrance embodies the confidence of New York City with its lychee and lime top notes as well as praline and white musk base note.

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